Ceramic Welding

Ceramic Welding is applied during furnace operation by conveying a dry mixture of refractory aggregate and oxidizable particles together

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Furnace Inspection

We offer high temp furnace inspections thru the use of water-cooled periscopes.

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Checker & Port Cleaning

In the distant past, cleaning of furnace port necks and port mouths was a maintenance task many glass manufactures need not to attend to.

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Fuse Tech Hot Tech Group

We have over 100 years of combined experience with no loss time accidents in the glass industry.

The ceramic welding process was developed and originally designed for the situ repair of glass furnaces. In 1979 the technology was introduced to the United States as a method to repair coke oven walls in the steel industry.

Since then the process has evolved to include other industries, primary glass, aluminum, copper, foundry and cement.

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